5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sued When Posting Online

It is extremely important to understand what you can and cannot post online. It is easy to take someone else’s ideas or pictures and use them when posting online. It is also easy to use any information that you can find to support your ideas whether it is accurate or not. Since technology and media has rapidly advanced over the years and continues to do so, it has become easier for people to get sued for copyright. This is why it is important to understand the importance of this topic.

  1. Understand copyright laws.
  • There are copyright laws for a reason. If you do not understand these laws, you may find yourself getting into trouble. Copyright laws help protect your original work as well as others.
  1. Take your own pictures.
  • When it comes down to posting picture online, it is convenient to google the picture you are looking for instead of actually taking it. It is usually obvious when someone uses a picture that they did not take. It is important to take your own photos, unless you give credit to the person who took the photo that you are using.
  1. Cite any ideas that are not yours.
  • It is important to cite any ideas or facts that are not yours for several reasons. It is illegal to use someone else’s ideas, facts, opinions, pictures, etc. without giving them credit. By citing information that you are using, you are also showing viewers that you have done your research and are using credible information to support your own information.
  1. Use quotation marks.
  • Not only do you need to cite someone when using their information, but it is important to use quotation marks around any direct quotes that you use from them. Quotes are a crucial part when backing up or supporting information that you are posting.
  1. Know where your getting your information from.
  • It is easy to take any information that is convenient to access when trying to support any facts or ideas that you come up with. It is important to know where you got your information from and if it is a credible source or not.

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